Our Team

Our Team

Our Teachers

  • Ms Lim Elsa

    Mathematics and Physics (Sec / JC)

    Ms Lim is a co-founder of Come Fly With Me. Ms Lim is an Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate with Post Graduate Diploma in Education in Physics and Mathematics, she has 16 years of teaching experience, including teaching in a SAP school. Ms Lim has taught students from a wide range of secondary schools and junior colleges. She has extensive experience in teaching O-Level, A-Level, IP and IB courses, and many of her students have excelled with excellent grades. Her success in teaching stems from her intrinsic nature to be able to connect with her students and hence communicate with them at their level. Her lessons are engaging and she encourages students to discover concepts through questioning and scaffolding appropriately. Read more about Ms Lim on our Testimonial page.

  • Mr Kenneth Lee

    Mathematics (Upper Primary)

    Kenneth is a co-founder of Come Fly With Me. Kenneth spent 20 years in the private sector before leaving his job to coach and guide his daughter full-time in the crucial year of her Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). He has always had a passion for teaching, but the difference his effort made in his daughter’s results spurred and gave him the confidence to pursue this second career. A consistent high achiever in his school-going years, Kenneth is well placed to now impart the very same concepts, skills and techniques that enabled him to consistently do well in his studies. His daughter’s excellent PSLE results serves as a testimony.

    Kenneth was awarded a private sector scholarship in 1992 to read Electrical Engineering in the National University of Singapore. He decided to pursue the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charter in 2005 and cleared all 3 levels of the CFA examination. He served out his scholarship bond and continue to remain with the company, moving up into the ranks of senior management. He is an expert in the application of optimization and decision science to real-world business problems. He last held the position of Vice-President for Business Solutions, leading a team of 60 business and IT professionals. He had many opportunities throughout his 20-year career to coach and mentor staff and subordinates, and had the privilege and joy of seeing many of them succeed in their respective careers.

  • Mr Aaron Khoo

    Mathematics (Sec / JC) and Chemistry (JC)

    Mr Khoo is a Quantitative Finance and Economics graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is also a recipient of the prestigious ASEAN Scholarship award from MOE. During his junior college years, his deep interest in mathematics allowed him to attain 6 distinctions that included one in H3 Mathematics. Since then, he has been tutoring students from secondary schools and JCs on mathematics.

    During his lessons, Mr Khoo shares his thinking and conceptualizing techniques extensively with his students, and focuses on thorough grasping of concepts by exposing his students to relevant questions. He also emphasizes on the proper presentation of solutions and answers to reduce students’ carelessness. His students have been able to show significant improvements in their results after his coaching.

Our Teaching Approach

  • It is important to get the concepts right if one wishes to consistently do well in mathematics and physics.

    At Come Fly With Me, we believe in a concept based learning approach.

    Our teachers employ a combination of deductive and inductive instructional methods to help students grasp and remember underlying concepts.

    What are deductive and inductive teaching approaches?

    A deductive teaching approach is teacher-centric. It involves the teacher explaining a new concept to students first. That is then followed by hands-on sessions where students practice the new concept introduced. Though this method is sometimes criticized for being too mechanical with less emphasis on the search for meaning, it has its merits when introducing difficult concepts or preparing students for written examinations.

    In contrast, inductive teaching is a more student-centred approach. Students are first shown cases or scenarios that demonstrate how a new concept applies. With the help of the teacher, students are then encouraged to discover and find meaning that solidifies their understanding of the underlying concept demonstrated. Inductive learning requires more participation from the students, and students tend to understand and remember more when learning occurs inductively.

    Both deductive and inductive teaching approaches are valuable in a student’s learning journey. At Come Fly With Me, we use a combination of both teaching methods, and students are often encouraged to construct their own knowledge and understanding under the guidance of our teachers. Based on the class composition and topic introduced, our teachers will gauge the students’ response and calibrate the teaching approach accordingly to achieve the best learning outcome.

Our Teaching Materials

  • Our teaching materials are developed by our own dedicated team to ensure all key concepts are thoroughly covered. Our questions are designed to help deepen our students’ understanding, reinforce their concepts and to level up their confidence. We modify and improve on our materials and questions regularly to make sure that they are suitable for all our students’ learning needs.