Students' Testimonials

  • Mr Lee has been a great help to me. Since my first session, I realised that most of the questions only require deeper understanding. My marks improved by 20 and 1/2 marks from SA1 to SA2. He is very nice and very patient.

    Noelle Tan (P6, RGPS)
    2019, P6, RGPS
  • Ms Elsa is undoubtedly the best math teacher I have met, and her strengths lie in her ability to break down and simplify Maths into certain key concepts and knowledge that equip us with the ability to tackle any question. She has been the only teacher to show me that there is no unsolvable question as long as you stay confident, disciplined and apply your knowledge to address it. Furthermore, her light-hearted style of teaching makes her lessons very fun, so much so that I thoroughly enjoy group lessons with my friends and recommended her to countless others. I wholeheartedly recommend her for all students, regardless of aptitude, to see immediate positive results!

    2017 RIJC (PSC scholarship recipient)
  • Before taking lessons with Ms Lim, I was really struggling with Mathematics in JC. I was doing badly in exams and the frustration with not being able to understand concepts made me dislike the subject. It was then that my friend suggested taking lessons from Ms Lim and that was the changing point. Ms Lim did not just spoon-feed us answers but got us to come to grasp the concepts ourselves through asking thought-provoking questions, pointing out things we miss out on and drawing comparisons with concepts we had learnt before in secondary school. She also had a clear grasp on the time we had before ‘A’ Levels and was able to advise us accordingly on time management. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to improve gradually in terms of understanding and applying key concepts, which also reflected in my grades. I came to like doing Math questions instead of finding it a chore. Ms Lim also continuously encouraged us with a phrase “It’s never too late unless you give up.” which really kept me going. I’d definitely recommend this learning journey to others because Ms Lim is a dedicated, sincere and hardworking teacher who strives to inspire students to be involved and engaged in their learning.

    Joey Ang
    Raffles Institution Year of completion 2016
  • Ms Elsa has been a great help to me during the A level period. I was previously failing math in J1 and in the first half of J2 with another Math tutor. Imagine my grades were S, S, S, U. Unfortunately, my grades for math did not improve when I was learning from him. I was introduced to Ms Elsa by my CCA mates who were all taught by her, and strongly recommended that I learn under her. Ms Elsa knows how to target a student’s weak topics, and customises your homework according to your weaknesses. Other than that, she knows how to weaponise your strengths; this is all done to maximise the marks that you will gain during the stressful examinations. Ms Elsa also helped me gain more confidence in math when I previously had a phobia towards it. Overall, her math training methods are aggressive; a vigour that I really enjoy. It is with this aggression and vigour that one can hope to defeat math during the A levels. In other words, if you are in a jia lat (terrible state), START TODAY. Trust me, there’s no use contemplating tuition anymore. Don’t waste time. Just start with Ms Elsa now.

    2017 RIJC
  • Though Erika and I only started attending Ms Lim’s classes in the second half of J2 which was quite late, Ms Lim has really helped me immensely in my journey with H2 Math which has always been a huge struggle for me since the start of JC (ie usually failing HAHAHAH). Her lessons were very effective and I always felt like my time was well spent as lessons were filled with timed practices, going through concepts and questions and clarifying doubts. She is able to pinpoint what is the most important concept/various question types for each topic which was super beneficial to me and made math easier to understand and a smaller hurdle to cross. Ms Lim emphasises a lot on practice which is really the key to success. Though the homework assigned every week was intensive but it made me more motivated to do math and I even started to enjoy it! On top of that, she is very encouraging and approachable with a wry sense of humour that made lessons enjoyable hehe. I feel like my math have definitely improved by a huge margin since attending her class and am very grateful for that! So I would 100% recommend this learning journey to anyone who finds H2 math a struggle and is willing to work for it! YOU CAN DO IT (thank you Ms Lim!!!!)

    Vanessa Yap
    Raffles Institution Class of 2017
  • I’ve been with Ms Lim since I was in Secondary 1. Before, my grades were hovering below 50 marks – forcing me to pray to the math gods for divine intervention every time I got my results back. Thankfully, I was introduced to a more powerful force, Ms Lim. Through her teachings, I saw an immediate improvements in my grades which jumped to an A by the end of the year. What worked for me was that she brought clarity to the subject by providing a broad overview of each topic before delving into the details. Also, through her years of experience, she had a lot of tips and tricks to pass on which helped me a lot in exams. I am truly grateful for all Ms Lim has done for me through 6 years of my education. Thanks to her, I got an A for my H2 ‘A’ level math. Now, I can march back to my primary school math teachers and hold my head up high!

    Joshua Chiang
    2016 VJC
  • I have been under Ms Lim since term 2 of my JC2 year. In this time, I have enjoyed myself and have definitely improved in my Mathematics. Ms Lim’s lessons are systematic, and she is able to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses and tailor lessons accordingly. She is always willing to help me with whatever I am unsure of, and I can ask her questions both during tuition and outside of tuition using WhatsApp. Her explanations are clear and she is versatile in answering many different types of questions posed to her.

    Ms Lim’s heart for her students does not simply stop at answering questions. She takes the time and effort to impart advice as to how to best prepare for the exam and sit through it — she essentially teaches her students how to be exam smart. Not only that, she will also offer emotional support to her students to encourage them during tough periods such as prelims or the A levels. She has a sound perspective and outlook on life, and she passes this on to her students to help them not only in their major examinations but also beyond.

    It has definitely been a pleasure to be taught by Ms Lin and I would recommend her tuition to those looking for help in her area of expertise.

    Karis Chan Li En
    National Junior College, 2017
  • I didn’t really have a very good foundation in JC mathematics and struggled a lot during J1 until a friend of mine recommended Ms Lim to me. I started having math tuitions during my early J2 days and the lessons really benefited me greatly. I saw great and fast improvement in results and managed to go from an E to B for my prelims and eventually an A for my A levels. Ms Lim is a very dedicated teacher and is always willing to help. She has definitely made A level math much more manageable for me. I’m really grateful for her help and I would definitely recommend Ms Lim to others! 🙂

    Yong Yonlada
    ACJC, completed A levels in 2016
  • Ms Lim is able to cater to your needs. She even replies you via WhatsApp if you have questions. She is helpful, understanding and flexible.

    Ng Winnie
    Temasek Polytechnic, Diploma in Aviation Management and Services
  • Ms Lim has been my personal tutor for the last 6 years. In the years leading up to my O levels, she has taught me Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. For my A levels, she is currently teaching me Mathematics. I find Ms Lim’s lessons to be intellectually stimulating and interesting. She takes the effort to not only guide and teach but also challenges you to take on more complex problems. In her tutoring, she ensures that a student covers and understands the main topics and painstakingly prepares the student for the examinations. In my view, Ms Lim goes beyond the normal preparatory work as she certainly stretches a student to the fullest. Undoubtedly, she assisted greatly in my obtaining 9A1s in my O Levels. In Raffles Institution Junior College, I remain a grade A student. I continue to take Mathematics lessons from her not so much because I need it but mainly because I enjoy the lessons that she makes interesting.

    Of the subjects she teaches I find her physics and mathematics lessons to be most enjoyable as she not only manages to explain the concepts clearly and concisely but also makes them interesting at the same time. She often goes beyond the normal syllabus to challenge you with more difficult problems. She is a great teacher, one who is patient and caring, with a flair of making complicated concepts seem more manageable. I would highly recommend her for a teaching position.

    Clare Fong
    JC2 student, Raffles Institution Junior College, 2011

Parents' Testimonials

  • In under a year, Mr Lee has helped my daughter improve in her results and feel more confident about her abilities.

    He has gone above and beyond in offering his time and is very strategic in his teaching plans.

    He is patient, kind and meticulous, which I believe stems from his sincere desire to see his students do well and reach their maximum potential.

    I will not hesitate to enrol my younger child to Mr Lee’s class as well.

    Mother of Noelle Tan (P6, RGPS)
    Ms. Teo Pau Lin, 2019
  • We chanced upon Come Fly With Me and we couldn’t be more thankful that we did! We were looking towards PSLE and knew our daughter needed additional support. We are thankful for Mr Kenneth Lee – not only for how he teaches but how he resonates with the kids. He is patient, kind and caring yet firm in his teaching style. My daughter has benefitted greatly and we saw an improvement in her SA2 marks. Mr Kenneth really has a passion for teaching and helps the kids to have a firmer understanding of key concepts and ensures that they grasp the methodology / technique required to solve specific and often difficult problems. My daughter not only enjoys going for tuition – she truly sees the benefits and have even invited her friends to join her! We highly recommend Come Fly With Me – and specifically Mr Kenneth Lee!

    Mother of Isabella Lee (P6, RGPS)
    Ms. Han Soo Im, 2019
  • My Son, John, had been failing his physics in Sec 3 until a friend recommended Elsa to me. When John started passing his physics school tests and prelims, that gave him confidence that he could also do well for other subjects. In a year, John’s physics went from D7 to A1 for O levels. He also did well in other subjects and made it to a relatively good JC. Thank you, Teacher Elsa 🙂

    Mother of John
  • Ms Lim was my son’s mathematics tutor for six years, starting from secondary school. I cannot express my gratitude enough for her professionalism, humility and openness. Under her guidance, my child, Joshua, scored A for his subjects in both GCE O and A level examinations.

    Through the years, Ms Lim showed flexibility and adaptability in addressing Joshua’s academic needs at different periods of time. Because she was very open to feedback and valued input from me as a parent, she was able to adopt appropriate follow-up and the better use of different methods to produce the desired effect to help Joshua improve. She was no pushover, however. She would not tolerate shoddy work or homework not done. A warm but firm tutor, she was able to get the best out of my son.

    I highly recommend Ms Lim without reservation. To her, Joshua and I owe our indebtedness.

    Mother of Joshua
    Mrs Chiang Wai Leng, 2017
  • My daughter started her math tuition at Come Fly With Me with Mr Kenneth Lee in mid September 2018. This was one month before her SA2 examination.

    In just one month, I could see significant improvement in her math results. In SA1, she scored a low A but managed to get a high A for SA2. She said that she could apply a lot of math concepts taught by Mr Lee in her SA2 paper!

    She likes Mr Lee a lot as he is a very nice, caring and patient teacher. He will also communicate regularly with parents to give updates. I would strongly recommend Mr Lee to parents who are looking for a math tutor.

    Mother of Ashlee Ong (P6, RGPS)
    Ms. Jasmine Ang, 2019
  • My daughter Karis Chan (NJC, JC2) started Maths tuition with Ms Lim in term 2 of her JC2 year. She was not coping well with her Maths and she was starting to dislike the subject. Ms Lim has not only helped her to regain interest in the subject but also confidence as well. Ms Lim is a very friendly and encouraging teacher. My daughter enjoys every one of her lessons. Students learn best when they are happy. I would definitely recommend others to Ms Lim’s class!

    Mother of Karis Chan
  • After his lessons with Elsa, my son has been able to see an improvement in his math grades, a subject he is not good in. He finds Elsa clear, effective and efficient and I would strongly recommend her lessons to others.

    Mother of Ian
    Raffles Institution, JC2, 2017